Discount Club- electrical, plumbing, heating and cooling discounts

Join the club for as low as $14.99 per month to receive electrical, plumbing, heating and cooling discounts!

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American Air Discount Club Member Platinum Plan (Heating and Cooling Discount)

This plan gives you parts & labor for free!** You also get a check up on each piece of equipment that you cover.  Extend your warranty while keeping equipment maintained.  Only equipment less than 5 years old is eligible.

American Air Discount Club Member Silver Plan (Heating and Cooling Discount)

If this is the plan that you choose, we will perform a detailed maintenance check up on each piece of equipment that you cover.  We’ll check them both in one trip, so you’re not inconvenienced with two appointments.  You will receive a 20% discount on any repair parts or labor for any service needed other than inspections. You will also receive special pricing for equipment replacements and accessories. You will receive prompt, priority service in the event of an emergency.  All service charges are C.O.D.  Plan becomes effective upon receipt of payment and expires one year from that date, unless the monthly debit option is chosen.

American Air Discount Club Member (Electric Discount)

Over time, the electrical system in your home will deteriorate.  Preventive maintenance is the best way to keep you and your family safe.  The Electrical Safety Foundation recommends having your home inspected by a qualified electrician annually.  We will check and tighten all connections inside of your electric panel, check and tighten the connection for your air conditioner unit, check all GFCI outlets in the home, check the smoke detectors for proper operation, inspect for any open splices or junction boxes in your basement and crawl space, make sure your gas and water lines are properly grounded, and make sure your electric service is properly grounded.

American Air Discount Club Member (Plumbing Discount)

With this plan, we’ll inspect your water heater for rust, and drain the sediment if it can be safely done.  This depends on the age and overall condition.  We’ll also inspect your hose bibs, look for any leaky faucets or slow draining sinks.

Benefits of Preventive Maintenance:

  • Extends life of equipment
  • Discounts on Service
  • Special prices on accessories and equipment replacements
  • Maintains peak efficiency
  • Keeps manufacturer’s warranties in effect
  • Ensures family’s safety
  • Priority Service
  • As a discount club member, you’ll receive a discount on all trades we offer!

**Certain exclusions apply: American Air must first approve the equipment to be covered. Does not include the replacement of major components, such as compressors, refrigeration coils and lines, heat exchangers, or total equipment replacement. Exceptions to this agreement include problems caused by vandalism, theft, acts of God or nature, lack of or interruption of energy source. All Service Agreements are non-refundable.