Safety Precautions Your Electrician Wants You To Know

Among home accidents, one of the most dangerous is about electrical wirings — it can be deadly! Here are some safety precautions your electrician wants you to know. The Safety Precautions Unless you have had training in electricals, never attempt to fix things yourself. The curr
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Baby Proofing Everything Electrical in Your Home

Baby proofing your home is an essential part of your child’s safety. Children are very curious individuals; so ensuring that your electrical outlets and appliances are hidden, covered or out of reach is just as important as anchoring large furniture to the walls. A study revealed that
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Hardwired smoke detectors offer constant protection, and are recommended by Columbus Ohio electricians.

Hardwired Detectors Recommended by Columbus Ohio Electricians

The proper installation of smoke detectors should be important to every homeowner. These safety devices protect you and your family from fire. The NFPA reported that three out of five home fire deaths in 2014 were preventable with funtioning smoke alarms. Hardwired smoke detectors get
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