How to Prevent Frozen Pipes

What causes pipes to freeze? During the cold months, the water that comes into your house from outside much is colder than it was during the summer months. Pipes contract because of the cold water and this usually results in small cracks or leaks in the weakened parts of the pipes. Wa
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main plumbing line

Buying an Old House? Have the Main Plumbing Line Scoped

Buying an old house may seem grand, they are full of history and character; but they can also be full of costly problems. A house inspection is critical when buying a house, particularly if you decide to buy an older house. One of the most neglected areas during house inspection is th
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plumbing problems for an emergency plumber

Ways to Reduce Your Water Bill

Water is a necessity, but we should know how to conserve it. Almost 50% of our daily water usage goes down the bathroom drain. Flushing the toilet is one of the biggest ways that water is wasted in your home, followed by shower heads and faucets. Water conservation is encouraged and p
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