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Whether it’s time to take care of small electric projects around your home (like having a new light fixture installed), or you’re ready for a complete electrical system renovation, you’ve come to the right place! We provide electrical services in Grove City, Hilliard and surrounding central Ohio areas. Here are Electrical services that we offer:

    Thermal Imaging Scan

    A thermal imaging scan can reveal problems the eye cannot see.  It can indicate locations of overloaded electrical devices, wire shorts, and undersized cables that can be hazardous.

    Adding hardwired smoke detectors in your existing home

    Current code requires a hardwired smoke detector to be located in each bedroom, outside of bedrooms, and at least one per floor.  Combination CO / Smoke Detectors are also required outside of sleeping areas.  Protect your family from fires as well as gas leaks within your home.  This is one upgrade that we think every older home should have.  We can also do this quite often with little or no damage to drywall.

    Light fixture replacement / addition (both interior and exterior)

    Light fixture replacement / addition (both interior and exterior)

    Updating old switches and outlets

    As much as 75% of service calls are related to work out switches or outlets.  One little worn out switch can cause a big enough short to cause a power outage in an entire area of your home or even have the potential to cause a fire.  Over time these plugs and switches get worn out and need to be replaced to prevent problems down the road.

    Baseboard heater replacement / addition

    Whether your existing unit has a worn out thermostat, it doesn’t heat any more, or you just need to add another source of heat, we’re here to help.

    Adding dedicated circuits for your appliances

    Which appliances in your home require a dedicated circuit from the manufacturer? Almost ALL of them:
    * Microwave
    * Refrigerator
    * Furnace
    * Sump Pump
    * Dishwasher
    * Disposal
    * Washer
    * Dryer
    * Air Conditioner
    * Large televisions (Chances are, in 1970 when your house was built, people didn’t have a 65″ TV plugged in with surround system in their living room when this electrical system was designed. In many cases, if you have an older house, it is time to protect your investments by giving them the power that they need to operate properly.)

    Adding a new circuit to your existing home

    The drywall and paint are complete… Is it too late to add another circuit in your existing home?  NO!  WE have ways to fish wires into your walls in most cases, with little or no drywall damage.

    Adding a wall plug for your wall mounted television

    Who wants to look at those ugly cords hanging down the wall?  Have that extra outlet added by our professional electricians and concealed behind your television.

    Electrical sub-panels

    Need a couple extra breaker spaces for a future renovation or small addition?  We can add a small sub panel to give you the space you need for that electric you need to add.

    Electric panel replacements and upgrades

    Is your breaker panel 30+ years old?  Does it have any rust where water leaked in over the years?  Are any of the breakers warm to the touch?  Are there double tapped breakers in the panel or wires jammed into the main lugs?  If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then it may be time to do an upgrade.  A new electric panel gives you the peace of mind that if anything is ever overloaded or there is a short (especially in older homes) that the brand new circuit breakers will trip and shut down the power to that circuit before a hazardous situation can arise.  Over time many components of an electric system will deteriorate and break down, but the electric panel is the center of it all that will keep you safe.  Doing a panel replacement or upgrade is necessary maintenance for every older home.

    Gas line bonding

    Does your home have yellow flexible gas line?   This product is still used today, but when it was first introduced it was not being grounded properly for years.  Thousands of homes in the area need to have their gas lines bonded to protect them from gas leaks and fires due to lightning striking this material.

    Adding water protection for your exterior outlets

    Ever wonder what keeps your home’s exterior outlets safe when it is pouring rain?  GFCI protected outlets will protect from potential shock hazards from outlets located on the exterior of your home.  This is a necessary safety upgrade in older homes.

    Electrical upgrades for new appliances

    Whether you are adding an oven, converting from gas to electric, adding a dishwasher, or any other appliance upgrade, make sure you schedule an electrician to add that new dedicated circuit that you will need.

    Tamper resistant electrical outlets

    Replacing electrical outlets with “child safe” tamper resistant outlet

    Complete electrical safety inspections

    Did you know that over time the electrical system in your home will deteriorate and that preventive maintenance is the best way to keep your family and your belongings safe?  It is recommended by the Electrical Safety Foundation to have your home inspected by a qualified electrician annually.

    Upgrading to flat rocker style switches

    Flat rocker style switches give a great new appearance to your existing home. Get that new look, as well as the benefit of replacing old switches that can cause shorts, at the same time.

    Dimmer switch and timer installation

    Need to add ambiance to an existing lighting system with a dimmer? Need a timer for your lamps to promote home security? We can handle all your lighting control needs.

    Fix issues related to overloaded or malfunctioning circuits

    Do your lights blink?  Do your circuit breakers trip regularly?  We can diagnose your problems and recommend a solution that will improve the safety and quality of the electrical system in your home.

    Electric meter replacement

    Is your outside meter rusted out?  Did a tree fall and damage the meter and / or weather-head?  We can make any repairs on these items to get you current.

    Whole house surge protection

    Do you have a plug-in surge protector strip for your computer or TV?  With a whole house surge protector it is like having everything in your house plugged into one. These are great to protect anything from your flat screen TV down to your oven.  We recommend these be installed in every home and they offer some great warranties to add to your protection.

    Upgrade the complete grounding system of homes

    Get the grounding system of your home up to current code.  Protect your water and gas lines as well as add in grounding rods for your entire electric service.

    Complete kitchen remodels, finished basements, and whole house remodels

    AMERICAN AIR is a full service electrical company.  Not only can we come out and take care of your small repairs, but we can help you design and build your dream lighting system for your home renovation project. Under cabinet lighting, recessed lights, tile heaters, basic up to elaborate, we can help you out.

    Door chime replacement / addition

    Whether it is caused by bad wiring or a worn out chime unit, we can get your door bell working again or even add a new one.


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