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Date:November 07, 2016

Heating System

Your Homes Heating Efficiency Rating

So you’re out looking for a new furnace for your home, and you encounter some numbers called efficiency rating. What does it mean?

The efficiency rating tells you how much you would spend for heating your home. A high number means it is highly efficient; it produces more heat while spending less energy. AFUE stands for Annual Fuel Efficiency Rating and it is rated in percentage. If a furnace is rated 87 percent, for example, it means that it only uses 87 of the energy to produce heat and the remaining 13 percent is lost.

You should look for a furnace that has least 80% efficiency rating. That is only the standard or middle efficiency rating. High efficiency furnaces are accredited to have 90% or higher AFUE.

One-Stage vs. Two-Stage Furnace

Another factor that you need to consider when buying a furnace is to use a one-stage or a two-stage furnace. The traditional furnace is a one-stage furnace wherein it only does two things: turn the heat on or off. When it’s on, it produces heat. When it’s off, it doesn’t.

A two-stage furnace has 3 valve positions for producing heat: full open, partial open and closed. Depending on the outside temperature, it can provide you with 2 heating settings: high heat and low heat. Even though they are more expensive initially, it can bring about energy savings after how many years and they operate more smoothly and are quieter. Since it circulates air better, the heating is even and it also filters the air.

Which Furnace is for you?

A two-stage furnace is more efficient and seems like the smarter choice, but again it depends on your family’s needs. If you plan on relocating soon, a single-stage furnace may do for now. For more assistance on the matter, contact American Air Heating & Cooling.