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Date:November 07, 2016

Kitchen and Bathroom Remodels

If you think your kitchen needs an uplift, there are many steps and considerations you should take before pushing through with the renovation itself. With the right team, you will have an efficient and satisfactory remodel experience.

Here are some of the things that you would you go through with a remodel professional:

  1. Consultation
    • First, you need to discuss all your needs and wants with a designer or professional. For example, let him know about that kitchen island that you’ve always wanted or about the color of the cabinets. Show him pictures of inspirations you got from Pinterest. Tell him what your current kitchen or bathroom is like and what you want and don’t want about it. Your kitchen or bathroom will also be measured for design accuracy.
  2. Put together a team
    • Most remodeling professionals already have a complete team ready: a designer, builders, electricians, and plumbers. If not, ask for your designer to help you.
  3. Budget Planning
    • Let your designer know what your budget is so he can adjust the design accordingly. You should also have financing plans ready. One of the major considerations that could jack up the cost is when you move around fixtures. Because this can also affect the pipes underneath, resulting in a major renovation. Also, consider the type of fixtures you will use. A water-saving toilet can reduce your water bill in the future.
  4. Review
    • After the design and quote are completed, it’s time to review if your needs and budget are met. If all is good, give your approval so they can proceed with the renovation.
  5. Schedule 
    • Bathroom remodels are not a big problem if you have a spare bathroom. For kitchen remodels, you need to think about where you will prepare your food while the renovation is ongoing.